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About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Erika Morgan is an artist who pulls from her love of a variety of different genres as inspiration. Music has always been a monumental part of her life.  “When I felt like no one understood me, I could always find a song that did.” Before Erika Morgan ever entertained the idea of singing, she found solace in simple songwriting. A pen and paper were her safe place, and also a place to safely purge thoughts, dark and light alike. In 2020, she had an experience that inspired her to write the first song she ever recorded. This was the first time she would be on the other side of the stage. Observing her surroundings and the turbulence in the world she wrote and recorded her first single, “Crazy House.”

Once she recorded and released this song, her eyes were opened to the possibility of her having a voice as a creator. This inspired new goals to use music to encourage others not to shrink themselves because of others and use her music to spread healing, connection, community, validation, and overall wellness.

Being a well-rounded artist who is well-trained in singing and dancing helped her find her voice, a way to express herself, an outlet, and that’s what she wants to give back to her community; she believes life is far too beautiful to waste, and she knows that music is a very powerful medicine.  

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